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Who is Mehmet Naci Aköz as a kite-maker? 

Kite is a toy mostly seen in street games and loved by people of all ages in Turkey. 
We can see kites in street games in the late 1500's in the Ottoman Empire era and kites were even flied 
during palace festivals. 

However, in spite of this deep-rooted history, kite has always remained as a child toy and corporate entities 
could not consider this nice toy in the class of significant activities. 

After Mehmet Naci Aköz started to be interested in kites in 1980, he noticed this gap and as he realized that 
this traditional toy was about to be forgotten, a new period started.

Aköz organized Turkey’s first cup-prize kite competition with specific criteria (the highest flying kite, the most 
beautiful kite, the most interesting kite) in 1984 (Üsküdar/İstanbul).

In 1986, he led the foundation of a kite association for the first time in Turkey and ensured that Istanbul 
Kiteflyers' Association is established. In upcoming years, this entity held many kite festivals. 

In 1986, he wrote letters to many kite organizations in the world and requested support to his works. 
With letters coming from certain countries, it was noted that this communication had a great contribution 
for people to notice the presence of kite culture in Turkey. 

In 1997, he held the first international kite festival in Turkey. 

In 1998, he organized 2nd international kite festival.  

In 1998, he established “Kite Volunteers’ Club”, the first kite club of Turkey. 
In 1998, he contacted official organizations and led them to take the decision of having kite-making lessons
in schools in Istanbul and to meet hundreds of thousands students with kite up to today. 

In 1999, he started to give kite lessons in schools.
In 2005, he opened the first web site on kites in Turkey, www.ucurtmadunyasi.com 
In 2005, he held the 3rd international kite festival.
In 2005, he enrolled to STACK and was selected as “national director of STACK Turkey”. 

In 2005, he established the first kite museum of Turkey. The museum was selected as 
“Turkey’s best 6th personal museum” by a newspaper. (The only child museum within the top 10) 

In 2007, he established the first kite organization company (Kite World) in Turkey and started to organize 
kite festivals. 
In 2007, he started to give conferences on kite, in schools and universities. 

In 2015, he established the first kite library in Turkey. 

He is preparing to issue the first kite magazine in Turkey in 2016.
He is preparing to issue the first kite book in Turkey in 2016. 
During all these works; 
* In kite competitions in Turkey, he won 46 cups and many other prizes. 

* He organized more than 500 kite festivals (national and/or international) in the country. 

* In the collection of the museum established, more than 2000 products from 26 countries are exhibited.  

* He gave kite lessons to thousands of students in tens of schools. 

* He appears in programs in more than 50 TV channels every year. 

* He participated in international kite festivals in China, India, Malaysia and Netherlands. 

* He ensured that international kite teams and/or kiteflyers from 12 countries (USA, Japan, 
Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, England, Italy, Germany, Luxemburg) 
participated to the international kite festivals (1997, 1998, 2005, 2006) he organized in Istanbul.  

* One of the plaques of 13 countries in front of the world kite museum in world kite capital 
belongs to Turkey (Istanbul Kiteflyers’ Association). 

Mehmet Naci Aköz could not make his dreams real about kite completely yet, so he continues 
to work hard. 

Important note: We expect support from all kite-maker fellows wishing to contribute to
 this project in Turkey. We need all kinds of information and documents you can 
send us (Free and/or in return for money).